The Reflected Ones

A Story Inspired By The Works of Robert Bloch, author of PSYCHO

A murderer uses an ancient book of arcane spells to escape justice by going through the looking glass--only to find that the other side of the mirror is far more dangerous than he ever imagined. 

I wrote this short story as a tribute to one of my favorite authors, Robert Bloch, whose short fiction, such as The Weird TailorYours Truly Jack The Ripper, and A Case Of The Stubborns, proved highly inspirational to me as a struggling young writer. I later had the good fortune to get to know Bob and consider him a friend. He is still dearly missed. 

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  • horror Necronomicon Cthulhu weird fantasy dark fantasy Nancy A. Collins Lovecraft
    Language: English / Published: 13 October 2012


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    Nancy A. Collins

    Nancy A. Collins has authored over 20 novels and novellas, numerous short stories, and worked on several comic books, including a two-year run on Swamp Thing. She is a recipient of the HWA’s Stoker Award and the British Fantasy Society Award, and has been nominated for the Eisner, John Campbell Memorial, and World Fantasy & International Horror Guild Awards.

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