Dancing Nitely

Waking up at sundown, dressing all in black, and hanging out the clubs until dawn is all just another night in the unlife for Mavrides, now that he and his fellow vampires have overthrown the yoke of human repression. But all undead were once alive, and old habits die hard, especially sex. And if it's one thing the undead love more than blood, it's the night life... 

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  • vampire sex undead vampire paranormal urban fantasy
    Language: English / Published: 12 October 2012


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    Nancy A. Collins

    Nancy A. Collins has authored over 20 novels and novellas, numerous short stories, and worked on several comic books, including a two-year run on Swamp Thing. She is a recipient of the HWA’s Stoker Award and the British Fantasy Society Award, and has been nominated for the Eisner, John Campbell Memorial, and World Fantasy & International Horror Guild Awards.


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